Our Reach

As an agency of the Singapore Government, SCE has the ability to enter into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and agreements relating to public sector collaboration projects with foreign governments and their states.

Through SCE’s involvement as a representative of the Singapore Government, it would endeavour to ensure that solutions are successfully implemented, by leveraging on best practices from Singapore, as well as helping to qualify the Singapore experts and companies used.

SCE has been engaged in various modes of cooperation with other countries to share with them Singapore’s experiences in a wide range of public sector areas. SCE typically takes on the role of an aggregator and project manager for these projects, working alongside partners from the public sector, the private sector or both.

Since inception, SCE has been working in over 50 countries in these key regions, namely:

Asia Pacific;
Middle East, Central Asia, Latin America; and

Our International Partnerships team is also working with Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) in these regions.

Since our inception, SCE has successfully delivered over 300 projects and programmes in these countries. SCE’s growing portfolio includes projects that range from study visits and training programmes to project advisory and project implementation.