Panel of Experts

Panel of Experts

The SCE Panel of Experts comprises a group of prominent key individuals, with strong expertise and track record in Singapore’s public sector, having contributed significantly to Singapore’s own development journey over the last 50 years.

Members of the SCE Panel of Experts have been carefully selected by the SCE Board and its Management Team, where the SCE leadership recognises the merits and importance to establish and retain an independent and trusted group of domain experts for the organisation, to help facilitate SCE’s mission towards leading in public sector collaboration projects with foreign governments.

Chua Taik Him Former Senior Advisor (ESG Leadership Office)
Enterprise Singapore

Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer
International Enterprise Singapore
Chuah Hock Seong Group Director
National Parks Board
Freddy Orchard Former Director
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Former Chief Economist
Ko Kheng Hwa Former Managing Director
Economic Development Board
Lai Kim Fatt Former Chief Information Officer
Defence Science & Technology Agency
Lee Siew Mooi Former Director
Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore
Lim Siong Guan First Principal Private Secretary to Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Former Head of Civil Service (1999-2005)
Prime Minister's Office

Former Group President
Lim Soo Hoon Former Permanent Secretary
Public Service Division
Liu Thai Ker Former Chairman
Centre for Liveable Cities Singapore

Former Chief Planner & Chief Executive Officer
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Former Chief Executive Officer
Housing and Development Board
Mah Bow Tan Former Minister
Ministry of Environment, Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Transport
Paul Teng Piang Siong Former Consultant to World Bank and ABD on Food Security and Sustainability
Peter Ho Senior Advisor (Centre for Strategic Futures)
Prime Minister's Office

Former Head of Civil Service (2005-2010)
Prime Minister's Office
Saw Ken Wye Former Chief Executive Officer
Crimson Logic
Seah Kee Pok Former Dean, Advisor
JTC Corporation
Teo Ho Pin Former Mayor of North West District